January 20, 2012

Makenna Telling the Christmas Story

Better late than never.

All through the season of Advent, we as a family tried hard to make the time preparing for Christmas about Jesus.

We attempted this in several ways. Our Jesse Tree was a main way we did this but as you know we have young kiddos and a new story everyday even if they all center around God's big picture gets confusing for small kiddos.

Another way we tried to really drive home the importance of Christmas was by telling our kiddos the story of the first Christmas often. We did this by reading straight out of the Bible, reading the story out of our Jesus Storybook Bible, and reenacting the story with a nativity set.

Let me just say that with the current age of our kiddos the reenacting was by far the favorite. Within just a few times of telling the story this way Makenna decided to try to tell the Christmas Story herself. Also, both kids LOVED to play with the nativity set. As you can see in the video below Colin even gets involved at one point.

Currently the nativity set is still not packed away with all the other Christmas decor. Mostly because the kiddos love playing with it so much.

So all that said here is a video of Makenna's take at the age of 3 on the story of Jesus birth.

Disclaimer: The white card Makenna is using has a picture of an angel on it. She had to use this because we somehow misplaced the angel to the nativity set. Also, please ignore my constant questions...I just wanted to encourage Makenna and see how much she remembered about the story.

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