November 3, 2007

one year ago...

it doesn't seem possibly, but it has already been one year since Allison and I became engaged. She could tell the story a little better, but here's my version of it...

I was sure Allison was the girl for me. I had a ring picked out, payed for and in my pocket the whole first week of November while i schemed a way to surprise my wonderful girlfriend. I enlisted the help of a trio of ladies very close to me to help execute my ingenious plan.

the plan was this. while allison and i sat through a horrendous cyclone football game, Samantha, Spring and Stacy would be beautifying the master bedroom of the house i was currently building. after the game, i would take allison out to eat and make up an excuse for having to go to the house where history would surely written.

We went out to eat at my fav pizza place, Ge Angelos. i think she even asked me why i was so "smiley." i don't remember much of the supper except for the part where i went into the bathroom, looked in the mirror and convinced myself i could play it cool.

i then said we needed to go stop by the house so i could look at something. when we arrived, i blindfolded allison and told her i had something special for her to see. i led her into the room where there was all sorts of christmas lights, a bench, a camera, and about 10 dozen roses. i don't remember much of the next few minutes other than taking off her blindfold, saying a bunch or semi-sweet, probably mostly ridiculous and incoherent ramblings, dropping to a knee and asking her to marry me. somewhere in the confusion, she said yes.

Happy 1 year Babe!!

Cyclone football

As you all know, I love going to cyclone games...the atmosphere, the fans, the band, the team (sometimes) and the free t-shirts. yes, free shirts. after touchdowns and during some breaks, t-shirts get shot out into the crowd for who ever can get to them the fastest. usually when i hear the loud pop of the launcher, my head looks up into the sky with hopes it may actually come my way. but with 50,000 people and like 9 shirts, the odds aren't in my favor...until today.

midway through the first quarter, ISU was leading and my eyes were focused on the mega-tron watching a replay or something, until i sensed something right by my face. yes, it turns out a shirt had been shot directly to me and the guy in front of me caught it right before it hit me in the head. i couldn't believe. i thought my day was ruined. the chance of a lifetime and i missed it.

in a strange twist of fate, i later heard the loud pop again and saw a shirt flying high above my head heading my way. it all happened in slow motion like an overly dramatic replay. slowly my eyes focused as i watched it spiral in a direct path to where i was standing. "no way this is heading my way. how long until i get shoved in the back and miss it again? will it fall short? can i make the catch" i thought as destiny began to reveal itself. i stuck my arms freezing cold arms out and made a perfect sideline catch. excitement spewed out from all those around as i raised my shirt in a statement of triumph. fittingly, my celebration was able to continue all game as my cyclones pulled out win number two. Go Clones!!