December 18, 2007

Our "REAL" Christmas Tree

So it has been very long while since I (Allison) have actually blogged. But I decided today would be the day I fill all ya'll in on our wonderful Christmas tree adventure this year. It all starts with a promise Jared made me last year about being able to have a "REAL" tree for our first Christmas as Mr. and Mrs. Jared Willis. Let me just tell you I have continually reminded Jared about this many, many times during the past year. In my mind (let me inform you it works like a child's most of the time) I was wondering where we would put our tree in the new house Jared was building. And I would ask Jared, with alot of excitement, where he thought the "REAL" tree would look the best. But we never really decided where the perfect place for our Christmas tree would be.

So on first weekend in December Jared fulfilled his promise! Jared, I and our friend Spring went to the Cambridge tree farm to pick out a "REAL" Christmas tree. I had a blast and thought all of the trees were wonderful, but Jared wouldn't settle for any average tree. So here is a picture of the tree we did cut down.

I think it was around 14' tall to begin with but we managed to convince Clark, I mean Jared, that we needed to trim it down to about 6' tall. And because Spring is such an amazing friend we found the perfect place for our "REAL" Christmas tree! Here is another picture of our beautiful Christmas tree decorated and resting safely at Spring's house. Hopefully next year we will have our own home to put our "REAL" Christmas tree but if not I'm sure Spring wouldn't mind loaning her house again.