January 6, 2012

Colin's Big Boy Bed

If you didn't guess by the title of the post, I'll make it very clear. Colin is now sleeping (both nap and over night in his big boy bed).Yep that's right no more crib for Colin.

We started him with just sleeping in his bed during nap time on Tuesday. His only objection was to the pillow. Which I gladly removed and as a result he slept great.

For over night we have been giving him a choice as to where he would like to sleep and he would choose his crib. But last night when Jared gave him the choice, he pointed to his big boy bed. And to everyone's delight he slept great.

I will say though that we have been dealing with him getting out of bed for some time now because he had figured out how to climb out of his crib. So the whole "you can't get out of bed" talk has been previously dealt with. Not that I think we are in the clear yet as he hasn't attempted to test this out with his big boy bed. But here is to hoping this milestone is all taken care of.

In other big boy bed news. As of now both the crib and Colin's big boy bed are in the same room. No that does not mean we know that baby 3 is a boy it is just the most convenient place for both the crib and bed right now. Also, the bed was made by my dad and given to Colin as a Christmas present.

Here are the pictures of Jared and the kiddos putting the bed together.

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