January 2, 2012

Makenna's Name

Makenna has recently taken to wanting to write her name. Let me just tell you that this is no easy task for a 3yr old who has a 7 letter name.

She has been able to write an "M" for almost a year now and the "A" was shortly after that. But "K" has been a difficult and so much so that for a while she didn't even want to learn how to write it.

I have not pushed her to learn to write her name mostly because she just turned 3 in October. But I have encouraged her to learn how to write her letters as that is part of what she is learning in her preschool. This is not something that has come easy to Makenna but she recently wants to practice writing more and more.

So because I am so proud that she has conquered such a hard task, you all get to see her first successful attempt at writing the first 4 letters of her name in succession.

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