October 23, 2007

more house pictures

its been a little while since we've put up house pictures so here are a few updated shots. allison and i work a little on it every night and will soon have all the cabinets installed along with the cabinet hardware. if the rain holds off this weekend, i'm hoping i can be almost ready for sod by next week, but i may be dreaming a little. the siders should be done by the end of the weekend and the "stoners" might be here as early as the end of next week if i can convince them to hurry my way. inside, the trim carpenters should be almost done by the weekend.

grocery shopping

so allison and i had a great idea for a "date" last friday night....i dropped her off at hy-vee to start grocery shopping and i went and picked out a movie at a nearby store. (side note..when i think of grocery shopping, i still have the bachelor mindset of a thing of bananas, and pretty much everything else is either frozen, canned or falls under the chips category) well, when i got back, i figured she would be waiting on me since it took me awhile. nope. she was in isle 3 and had was busy searching out the deals. after literally filling the cart and checking out, i was devising a plan on how to only make one trip up to the third floor with all the groceries. we tried it and somehow made it. if you count, i think you would find 11 bags plus the milk in my arms. allison got the rest and we only had to make the one trip up the steps.

October 14, 2007

Pumpkin carving

Every year at River Valley Credit Union, the employees can enter a pumpkin carving contest. Last year, Allison and I entered a really cool "Cy" pumpkin which was way better than the competition, but ended up losing to two triangles and a mouth entry. It had to have been rigged.

So this year I had the Boston Red Sox emblem all sketched out, but after weighing the options of time and return on investment, we opted for a more simple approach. Here are our achievements the last two years....

October 10, 2007


This last Sunday our connection group had a "fun night," or whatever you want to call it where we played games and ate food and stuff like that. Part of the night consisted of a create-your-own ice cream flavor where we had to bring things with us to try and make the best tasting new ice cream. the judge was the eight year old daughter of one of the couples in our group.

Allison and I decided to make a peaches and brownie flavor that pretty much rocked. We won quite easily in my opinion. The best part was we won a 10 dollar gift certificate to Dairy Queen. Free Date!!