January 17, 2012

Pregnancy Number 3 : The Birth Day

I guess the big news right now is that a day has been chosen for Baby 3 to be born. It is kinda funny because most of the time you think that when you are going to have a c-section you will get to pick the day your baby will be born.

But not the case for the Willises. Our doctor picked our baby's birthday for us. I know that if we had a major conflict with the day our OB would have changed the day but we really don't. It wouldn't have been my first choice because our niece will have the same birthday. No big deal though. It will make it easy to remember for Grandma Janelle.

So that brings us to the announcing of the day.......

MARCH 26, 2012

That is unless baby 3 decides to make his/her grand appearance sooner.


Hollie said...

We penciled in my csection date today too, my doc gave me a choice between two different days the first was the day before my brothers wedding so that one was out so I took the next one, I hope he/she decides to cooperate with that and doesn't come sooner:). Can't wait to meet baby Willis #3:)

paige said...

that's my birthday, and i can say from experiencing 25 annual celebrations on this day, it's a good one.