January 3, 2012

Colin - An Update

This is a quick update on Colin at 20 months.

He has recently accomplished some pretty big things. It is funny how all of a sudden a child can surprise you with what they already know and are capable of learning.

Colin has done just that, completely taken me by surprise with what he knows and is able to communicate. (Well communicate in toddler language that only his mama can understand most of the time)

Here is a brief list of update about Colin:
  • He recognizes his colors and can say most of them.
  • He recognizes simple shapes. And as of just the other day proved me wrong when I said he knows his shapes but cannot name them. He did this right in front of his Nana and Papa. I think this will be Colin's personality though. Not let you know that he can do something until you give him the chance to prove you wrong.
  • He has become quite the chatter box. This is relative because compared to Makenna he hardly says anything. But lately he will pretend to tell a story, try to explain something to you or just talk while playing with his toys. (All of this chatter is just that, chatter. Sometimes you can pick out a few words but most of it is toddler speak.)
  • He really enjoys coloring, writing, or anytime he is allowed to use a writing utensil. This is completely opposite of how Makenna was at his age. All she wanted to do was scribble if that, but Colin seems to try to draw things. He even holds a pen correctly, better than Makenna. It is just how he does it. No one showed him how.
  • He loves cars, tools, tractors, boots, going outside, food, books, trains, dinosaurs and puzzles.
  • He continues to impress us with his facial expressions. He can roll his eyes with the best of them.
  • He also has a very high pain tolerance. Here is an example: At his doctor's appointment a few weeks ago he had to have two shots, one in each arm. Instead of crying he just watched the nurse sick him in the first arm and then the second all the while staring at her with a look that probable meant "Is that all you got lady?"
That's Colin in a nutshell right now. Well at least the things that stand out to me.

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