May 16, 2011


These pictures are my first attempt at taking Colin's one year pictures and Makenna's two and a half pictures.


May 14, 2011

Colin's One Year Birthday Party

Today we celebrated Colin's 1st Birthday with family. It actually worked out great that my sister came back for a week long vacation so we could have a joint party of Colin and my nephew Jacob.

We did a kinda jungle theme with lions and monkeys. We also kept it very simple by ordering pizza for lunch and having cupcakes for dessert.

All the kiddos seemed to have a great time and I know the birthday boy really had fun opening his gifts and digging into his cake. Thank you to all those who joined us to celebrate Colin!

Now enjoy the pictures.

May 13, 2011

Colin : One Year Fun Facts

In honor of Colin's birthday yesterday here are some fun facts about Colin.

  • He has had several nicknames in his first year of life. (Snuff-ol-pal, Col-no, Col-dog, Turbo, and the latest Sir)

  • He has pretty much one facial expression....a "what the heck are you talking about" stare....he gets this from his dad.

  • His hair is uncontrollable....he also gets this from his dad.

  • He loves balls, strawberries, building towers, cars, playing outside, puppies, hats, shoes, waking up at 5:00am, and his toothbrush.

  • He has some stellar dance can tell he is related to Jason Willis.

  • He has mastered going down the slide at the school behind our house all by himself.

  • He climbs on and in whatever he can.

May 12, 2011

Happy Birthday Colin

My Baby Is One

One year ago today we were getting ready to meet the newest member of our family.

Oh how crazy to think about how fast a year can seem to fly by. We have had the privilege to watch our sweet boy go from a small newborn who was completely dependent to a full blown toddler who can do so much on his own.
We love you, Colin. And today we are reminded of the wonderful gift God gave us when he created you.

May 3, 2011


This is the scenario....

We are outside enjoying the nice weather.

Colin and I are playing and I look around and I don't see Makenna anywhere.

I start walking over to our shed as I'm saying "Makenna, Makenna".

I walk around the shed to the backside and there is Makenna.


I scream because that is what any calm and collected mama who is looking at their sweet innocent daughter holding a DEAD rabbit would do.

She immediately drops the rabbit as if she knew why I was screaming. But gives me a confused look and says, "I hug bunny, mommy".

Yep, Makenna you hugged a bunny, a DEAD bunny!

I whisk her away from the horrible scene and grab Colin so we can sanitize her nasty dead bunny hands as soon as possible.

Needless to say we stayed inside the rest of the afternoon. I didn't want a repeat episode of dead bunny touching.

And in case you are wondering, Jared promptly buried the rabbit so that I won't have any more freak out sessions due to DEAD rabbit hugging.