September 30, 2010

Our new camera

All summer I have been watching and tearing out ads on nice cameras. I finally convinced myself that I had found a good enough deal to take the plunge.

Well. Worth. It.

Here are some pics. It's amazing how fast moving kids can still look good in pictures.

September 23, 2010

Center Grove Orchard

On Monday we took our first trip to the Center Grove Orchard. We went with some of the gals in our connection group. Total there were 5 adults and 6 kiddos. The day turned out to be pretty warm. But despite the unexpected heat the kiddos had a blast.

Here is the proof....

September 20, 2010

September 17, 2010

One Week From Today

We will be flying in the sky heading south to Texas. We are going to visit my sister and her family. Hopefully we will get to see lots of scenes like this...
Jacob, your cousin Makenna sure is excited to come see you.

September 14, 2010

Colin - 4 Month Stats

Colin had his 4 month doctor appointment yesterday. Here are his stats...
  • Weight - 16 pounds 5 ounces
  • Height - 26.5 inches
We stated giving him rice cereal a few days ago. He loves it and eats it well. We also broke out the exercauser. It is now his favorite place to be. I think he feels like he can play with Makenna better in an upright position. Here is a video of them playing with the exercauser.

September 11, 2010

Labor Day Weekend - Chopping

It is a yearly tradition in the Willis family to chop corn sometime around labor day weekend. Well this year Jared was able to help with the chopping since there was still some needing to be chopped over Labor Day weekend. We headed to the farm Friday after work so Jared could get an early start the next morning. Needless to say he was able to help chop and haul several loads. He loves this time of year on the farm and chopping is something he looks forward to every year. Makenna even got to take a ride with daddy while he was chopping. Maybe Colin can get in on the fun next year.

This time of year is a wonderful time to experience all the fun the farm has to offer. Here are a few pictures to of how we enjoyed all that we could while on the farm.