December 26, 2008

December 23, 2008

Fantasy Football Champion

Not to rub it in to my brother-in-law, but just thought I should point out I won our fantasy league this year with a bunch of rejects and rookies. That's right. I won, he lost.

Not that we were competing though.

December 20, 2008

A good waste of 2 minutes

I like the Muppets. Something about them is wildly hilarious to me. For some reason, one of my favorite characters is Beaker (the scientist who only says "Me me")

Here's a link to him performing Ode to Joy.

December 17, 2008

Whatchu talkin bout Willis Wednesday

If you aren't from Iowa, you probably haven't heard.

If you are from Iowa, it's about all you have heard these last 4 days. Iowa State football lost its head coach to Auburn University. That's right, after only weeks before having boasted his love for all things ISU, he caught the first ride out of town. Classy.

I liked Chizik. He came into a place not accustomed to much success and gave it his best shot. I liked a lot of the things he did both on and off the field, and the way he kept his players motivated. I think in a few years under his leadership we might have gotten back to a bowl game or two.

Now we start over again.

It's been a crazy few days around ISU athletics. My favorite part of Pollard's press conference was when he kinda smirked and quipped, "Gotta give Auburn credit for hiring a 5-19 coach."

The scene wasn't much better much better at Auburn where fans seemed to despise the hiring. I half expected a pair of shoes to be thrown at their AD when he made the announcement.

The sad part was not only the manner he left, but all the negativity since then. Fans who joined in the fanfare of his hiring two years ago are now holding torches and forming a lynch mob. His name is being drug through the mud, cursed and all the while being called out on what a "horrible" coach he was.

Gimme a break. Yes, what he did was wrong, but lets face it, ISU isn't a destination place. It's nobody's dream job. It's a place where bad coaches can retain their positions without too much fear of fired, and the occasional good coach will be called up by a bigger, better and more prestigious university.

I believe he is a good coach. I think if he gets half a chance, he will put together some good wins and lead Auburn back to national prominence.

It's just another Merry Christmas for ISU fans.

December 15, 2008

Makenna and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day

What do you do with a little girl who doesn't sleep?

Our little Makenna decided Sunday shouldn't actually be a day of rest. After a restless night before, she woke up at 7 am, then pretty much stayed awake all day. She slept a few minutes in the morning and a few in the afternoon, but pretty much was awake all day.

Believe it or not, she behaved quite well. She was too interested in looking at exciting things such as the ceiling, walls, floor, furniture, and other way cool things. Eventually, she fell asleep about 4 and was konked out all evening until feeding time, and then went back to sleep.

She slept a little better today, but not much. How frustrating, especially for Allison who has to deal with her all day.

Have any of you parents had similar experiences with a 9 week old and if so, did you do anything to help or did it go away on its own? Maybe we are just bad parents. Or maybe we are simply too fascinating of parents and Makenna feels like she will be missing out on something if she falls asleep.

Any advice or encouragement would be wonderful!

Grandma's 85th Birthday

My Grandma turned 85 last week. Allison and I hosted a surprise party for her on Saturday with a lot of relatives at our place. It was fun having everyone here to visit and watch the kids play.

Here are some pictures from the day....

December 10, 2008

Whatchu talkin bout Willis Wednesday

As you know, our house has been on the market for quite awhile and have been living in it since summer. Since that time, my appreciation for the realtors in this town has gone way down. What I thought was a service showing agents were providing isn't really a service to anyone.

My listing agent is great. This is about the idiots who show the place. Here is what has happened in just the last couple weeks.. (just a note, the listing sheet clearly shows the house is occupied and we request 24 notice for any showing. also, we have to be gone during the showing)

-"Can we show the place, we'll be there in 20 minutes." Great, glad we had left and didn't get a chance to clean up at all.
-"Expect and offer this week." That was 3 weeks ago.
-Knock knock. "Oh, I didn't know anyone was living here." Stop feeding Makenna and wait for them to leave.
-"We'll be there at 1:15." Allison leaves at one, runs a bunch of errands and comes back about 1:50 and begins feeding Makenna. Here comes the realtor, 45 minutes late. Allison leaves and finishes feeding her in the car at a nearby park.
-"We want to show the house tonight." I say ok, just wait until 5:15 so I can come home, get Allison and take off. Guess who shows up at 4:55?
-"We'll be there at 2:15." We leave, drive around, come back. Half an hour late, still haven't been here yet. Drive around more, still haven't come. We decide to just sit in the car a block away. Finally they show up 50 minutes late.
-We just get home from the previous showing, do a few things and a different realtor calls up (she is sitting in the driveway, and wants to show it) We say give us about 15 minutes so we can get Makenna in her seat, get organized and leave again. The wonderful realtor apparently decides she wants coffee or something because they leave and don't come back for a long long time...while we are again waiting in the car in the street with a crying kid.

My favorite part is, I think a lot of them are just out looking for ideas on the house they want to build. They know they really aren't going to buy our house.

Enough of the negatives, at least the house is still getting showed a lot. Sooner or later someone will be smart enough to realize what a great house it is. Hopefully that is soon!

The two month shots

Makenna had a very nice visit to the doctor today...for the first half hour. She got weighed (10 pounds, 11 ounces), measured (22.6 inches) and checked all over by a doctor. She played, smiled and kicked like a happy little girl.

Then came the shots. Mom hid in the background while the nurse and I stood next to Makenna. The happy face quickly turned to confusion which quickly turned to bright red and screaming. Poor girl. After three shots, we were done, but little Makenna wasn't feeling so hot.

Surprisingly, she calmed down soon and we took off for home. She even fell asleep on the way back.

Other than the band-aids and little welts on her leg you wouldn't even know it now.

It's hard to believe she is two months old already isn't it?

December 7, 2008

A few college football thoughts...

The regular season of college football is now over. Great year for the big 12 and SEC. Other than that, not so much. Here are a few thoughts I had over the course of the year...

-Florida is off to the Championship. I don't care other than I am happy for Dan McCarney who is now an assistant for them. I'm glad he is again part of a winning program.
-Texas losing out to Oklahoma for the Big 12 title game was ridiculous. Texas beat them fair and square on a neutral field and had the same record. End of argument.
-The Big Ten does not deserve two teams in the BCS this year. A very weak conference overall with no title game. While the other conferences are playing that extra game, Ohio State and Penn State got to sit home and not risk another loss on their record. Being rewarded for taking the easy route while watching real teams slug it out is crazy.
-Iowa State was terrible! They put the "12" in Big 12.
-Notre Dame continues to be the most over-rated, over-hyped and under-achieving team in football.
-In 1980, there were 15 bowl games. This year there are 34. My favorite name this year is the Gaylords Hotel Music City bowl. Thats right up there with the Poinsettia Bowl.
-Texas Tech was my favorite team to watch. If they could have survived that brutal schedule, it would have been a fun title game.

I'm sad its almost over. Only 34 games to go.

Makenna's first trip to the farm

A couple days after Thanksgiving, we made our first family trip to my mom and dads to see the family and enjoy the farm.

Makenna, as usual, seemed quite unimpressed with everything. Everyone else thought it was a good time.

Here are a few pics from the day.

A two for one

Yesterday while we were waiting (and waiting) for a realtor to show up to show the house, we decided to go to Dairy Queen and get a blizzard. While we were driving there, Allison decided we should order a chocolate chip cookie dough blizzard with chocolate ice cream. We went through the drive through and pulled out when after several bites, Allison declared there was no cookie dough to be found. After allegedly stirring and stirring, her displeasure grew more and more with each passing bite with just ice cream and absolutely no cookie dough.

I made the decision to go back and ask if they could add in some cookie dough but was informed they would just make a new one, no big deal, and we could have both. I triumphantly returned to the car clutching both blizzards, giving the new one to Allison. "Much better," in her words. I then took my first bite of the old one and was surprised to find not just one, but two chunks of cookie dough. Each bite continued to produce more and more cookie dough. Only one bite of a medium blizzard had none.

A couple of months ago, I would have blamed it on the pregnancy. Now I think she may just be losing her mind. :-)

December 5, 2008

Atticus is here

Makenna now has a new friend.

Atticus Jacob Rhyne Van Voorst was born this morning to Todd and Paige. Congrats you guys!

In other news, Makenna has now spit up on three of mommy's shirts this evening.