February 17, 2009

How-To Tuesday

How-To Make Your Own Hair Bows

This week I decided to attach a link to a website that I found that shows you how to make hair bows. I have made several for Makenna out of scrap ribbon. I plan on making even more for when she actually has hair to clip bows to.

Here is the link for those interested in learning how to make hair bows. It is very clever and simple. I used a 2" cardboard template to make larger bows.

Below are a couple of pictures of the bows that I have made. As you can tell, I still need to attached the ones on the right to barrettes.


Gabriel and Dorothy said...

Cute bows! Until she has hair to clip them to, one trick that works is to put a dab of toothpaste on the bow and then stick it on her head. It will "glue" to her hair, and then easily soften and wash off with a little warm water.
Don't worry, I haven't done this to Liam, but I remember my Mom putting bows on Linda this way...

jeanne and david said...

Sent the web site to Kathi B. - she has a new niece and can't wait to make them for her - thanks for sharing.