April 20, 2011

Whatchu talkin bout Willis Wednesday.

Put down that remote. Wake the neighbors. Call the kids.

It's back.

It's been a long time since I've written. In the professional world, you'd call it a sabbatical. I call it lazy. Either way, here we go again. You'd think I'd come out swinging, guns loaded and ready to entertain. But thats not my style. If you start at the top, there's only one place to go.

-I'm not afraid to say I love Oreos. I do feel guilty when I almost eat half the package in one sitting though. What starts as just one can quickly lead to me having to blame Makenna.

-Speaking of healthy, I had a New Year's resolution to do push ups regularly. Now that it's April, I'm proud to say I still am. Once a month can be defined as "regularly" right?

-I think I heard a guy refer to an ipod as a walkman. Does this guy still have a ghetto blaster at home?

-My tiled master shower project has surpassed the 5 week mark now. My goal of two weekends has turned into maybe being able to count this as a Christmas gift to Allison.

-Makenna loves the show "Super Why" on PBS. She has assigned each of us in the family as a real life representative of a character on the show. Somehow I ended being the black princess.

-I broke down and bought a new dishwasher last week. It works great, but the 12 cubic foot box it came in is clearly the bigger hit around the house.

-It snowed April 19th. Seriously?

-I laughed at this: "President Obama is slated to appear on one of Oprah's last shows. He's hoping it's the one on which she gives away $14 Trillion." - Conan O'Brien

-It's Easter season. I hope each of you reading this remembers how special this weekend is. In the land of bunnies and eggs, hopefully Jesus dying and rising again is not overshadowed.


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paige said...

OH MY WORD!!! just yesterday i thought about getting on here and harrassing you about how the 'whatchu talkin bout willis wednesday'-shaped hole in my heart was empty. it's like i could sense one brewing.

hope it sticks around!