April 7, 2011

Colin 10 Months

Colin has accomplished a lot of new things this past month.

Here is a list of most of them.
  • He started walking.
  • He can sign: more, all done, thank you, puppy, fish and sometimes milk and please.
  • He said his first word "ball". He says it all the time now.
  • He started dancing to music.
  • He will bring us books when he wants us to read to him.
  • He started drinking out of a sippy cup. Still trying to master this, but he is doing great with help.
  • He eats all table food. And eats it very well may I add.
  • He can stack blocks.
  • He makes a vroooom sound when he plays with his cars.
  • He will wave "hi" and "goodbye"
It is so amazing to get to experience all the small and big things he is starting to learn. He really is becoming more of a toddler than a baby with every new skill he accomplishes. I am just glad that I am around to watch it all happen.

Oh, and by the way his hair is still CRAZY. And we love it!

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jeanne and david said...

Our precious Col-dog - oh my, what you can do already - you go boy!!! love ya, Nana and Papa