February 18, 2011

Colin - 9 Months

These are some things that stick out about Colin at 9 months of age.
  • He loves to play "peek-a-boo". He even plays by himself, which he thinks is hilarious.
  • He eats a mixture of pureed foods and table foods. Boy does he like to eat.
  • He is often found following Makenna where ever she goes. He really enjoys playing with her and she is the one who can make him laugh the loudest.
  • He can stand on his own and is just now starting to take a few steps.
  • He likes to read books. He will let either us or Makenna read to him and he likes to look at books by himself.
  • He finds it hilarious when you build a tower and he gets to knock it down.
  • He can sign more. But he is very selective when he uses it.
  • He will raise his arms over his head when you ask him how big he is.
  • He is a good sleeper and I hope this habit continues.
  • He has a very easy going personality. It takes quite a bit to get him worked up.
  • He doesn't like the church nursery. I chalk it up to either he is going through separation anxiety (which doesn't quite fit because if we leave him anywhere else he is fine) or he is an extreme introvert (like is daddy) and all the other screaming babies overwhelm him. Either way he will just have to learn how to deal with it.
  • He loves to be tickled.
  • He is a little lover. He loves to cuddle and give kisses.
  • He likes to dance to music.
  • He can clap and does so a lot. He will also clap if you say "yeah".
Well, that is all that comes to mind right now.

Here are a few pics of the little man.

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