February 2, 2011


Here are my thoughts about winter in Iowa.
  • It is a bit long. According to the calendar winter starts December 21, but in reality when you live in Iowa it feels like it starts way sooner than that.
  • I really dislike the bitter cold. Especially when the sun is out and it looks all nice and inviting. But then you step outdoors and instantly you feel a cold sting on any body part not covered with at least one layer of clothing.
  • It takes way too long to recover from being outside in the bitter cold. Why can't my hands ever seem to be warm again.
  • I find it hilarious how the local news uses the term 'Operation Winter Storm' when referring to any snow we might get.
  • I love to watch the snow fall. Especially the big fluffy flakes.
  • Sledding and making snowmen are two things I look forward to doing every winter.
  • I find it simply gorgeous when I wake up and see all the trees covered in a beautiful frost. It really is breath taking and it gives me a glimpse at some of our majestic Creator's handiwork.
And now that you know some of my thoughts about winter I will leave you with this picture Jared took of one of the friendly deer who seem to think our back yard is their home. Any good advice on how to get rid of them before they destroy our garden again this summer.

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clarkitect said...

I generally find the local news as a whole hilarious.