March 8, 2011

Makenna's Weekend

This past weekend Makenna got to go stay at her Nana and Papa's house. (without Colin)

Her weekend away included a shopping trip to Target, lunch at Maid-rite, going to Church, watching Nemo, cooking homemade blueberry waffles, and painting the new grandkids room in my parent's basement.

I'm sure she got to do a lot of other things that we don't let her do around here. Like jump on the bed and eat Junior Mints by the handful. But really what are grandparents for.

Here are a few pictures I got from my mom of Makenna painting. (Oh and by the way Makenna picked out the paint color)


Rachel said...

The last photo is hands down the best ever!!! :)

jeanne and david said...

thanks for letting her come ~ we had a "grand" time...