June 27, 2009


We made it safe and sound to Texas yesterday. Our flight left Des Moines at 10:20 and we landed in Dallas around 12:15. Makenna did excellent. She fell asleep almost immediately after we boarded the plane and slept almost the entire flight.

Here are a couple pictures for Makenna right after she woke up and waiting to get off the plane.

It was great to see my sister, Jason, and Jacob. Jacob is such a cutie and he loves to snuggle. Which makes it a ton of fun to hold him.

Once we got to Erin's house Makenna made herself at home. She found all the toys right away and her favorite thing to do is stare outside at the puppies.

Makenna has not seemed to be bothered at all about being in a new place. I do think she misses her daddy, though!

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