June 3, 2009

I figure that since it as almost been a month since we updated our blog, and some of you who read our blog live far away and haven't seen Makenna in a while, I will start with a few updates about Makenna.

- She loves to eat. She will eat pretty much whatever we offer her and whenever we offer it to her.

- She started to crawl about a three weeks ago. And she has since mastered the skill.

- About a month ago she got her first tooth. A few days later the second one followed.

- She can pull herself up on things/people very well. And will sometimes stand alone for a few seconds.

- She will drink 8oz of milk before bed and will sleep through the night (REGULARLY)! Before we were only giving her 4oz and she would wakeup and need to be rocked back to sleep once in a while. We found out that she sleeps better with full tummy. Who would've known? First time parents....geesh!

- She really enjoys listening to her daddy play the guitar.

- She also will feed herself her snack. (gerber puffs). It is fun to watch her think and work so hard to pick up one small puff.

- She will drink from her sippy cup if someone will hold it for her.

- When sat in front of the piano, she will "play".

- She will grab anything and everything in front of her. She can even reach thing that we consider to be a safe distance from her.

- One of her favorite things to do is play outside.

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