June 18, 2009

Last Weekend

To continue with the weekend updates, this past weekend my parents came up to babysit and work on the house. Friday they babysat so Jared and I could go to a wedding.

Saturday morning we woke up bright and early. My mom and I went to a couple garage sales and found some great deals on a bunch of clothes for Jacob. While we bargin shopped, Jared and my dad painted two more rooms. Saturday evening we headed to church and then left my parents to babysit Makenna again while Jared and I went to a friend's birthday party.

Sunday we all took a trip down to Des Moines to go to the Home Show. On the way we stopped to eat brunch at IHOP. We had a great time at the home show and Makenna did awesome. Jared and I both came away from the show with some ideas we may possibly use in the future. We were both inpressed at how well Makenna did while we walked around all the houses. She sure had a busy weekend, but she sure was a trooper.

Here are a couple pictures of the swing and "Flinstone" car my parents brought up for Makenna. They found some amazing deals on both of them.

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