June 5, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

I know it is a bit late but I wanted to blog about our Memorial Day weekend.

Saturday we headed up to the farm to spend some time with Jared's parents and relatives from Arkansas. It was fun to enjoy being outside on the farm and seeing Gabe, Dorothy, and Liam.

(The very cute sweatshirt we borrowed from Liam)

Sunday we didn't do much. We painted the nursery and worked in the garage.

Monday we woke up to see that several of our neighbors had placed flags in their front yards. It was a great reminder of why we celebrate the day. mMy parents came to visit and helped with more painting and more organizing the garage. We got quite a bit done and got to eat some pretty good food too.

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Rachel said...

Painted the nursery?! Is there something we need to know about?! :) Oh and cute sweatshirt...do they come in adult sizes?