March 3, 2009

T.V. shows

Allison and I barely used to ever watch television. It was on occasionally for maybe a show or two here and there, but nothing ever consistently.

Since having Makenna, and since the weather isn't all that conducive to being outside much, we have begun watching more shows. We're not proud of it, but at least for me, it's almost kinda fun sometimes to actually be able to join in a conversation about the latest and greatest shows.

Some of my favorite shows that I never watched much before:

American Idol. The previous 7 seasons, I had watched maybe 1 full show. Now I know why it is so popular. Semi-actual reality t.v. I say. It's fun watching the group get whittled down, and some of those young people have amazing talent.

24. An hour goes by so fast. It's so much better than most movies that come out. After this season is over though, maybe I'll begin watching old seasons of 24 the way they were meant to be watched.....5 sleepless nights in row because they are too good to stop.

Popular shows I don't watch

Lost. I know it's good. I hear about it all the time. I just have never gotten into it. Plus I would think it's a little tough to just start watching as there is so much going on.

Survivor. Another favorite of a lot of people. I've occasionally watched some of earlier seasons, but always come to the same conclusion of "who cares?"

Shows I don't understand

30 Rock. I gave this one a serious shot as it is bragged up to be the best show on t.v., but after watching probably 4 or 5 episodes, I have yet to laugh once. Smart comedy? I don't think so.

ISU basketball games. I used to watch, but seriously, why broadcast misery? It's horrible. I'd rather they show Ames High.

I'm looking forward to the time change and warmer weather so we can spend more time outside after I get home from work. Just simply sitting on the deck will be so nice.

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