March 17, 2009

How-To Tuesday

How To Make A Diaper Holder

I'm no expert sewer. I taught myself with my Grandma Sigmund's sewing machine. (It took longer to figure out how to thread the machine than anything else) Here are some simple step-by-step directions on how to make a really cute and handy diaper holder.

You will need:
  • 2 - 18x28" pieces of fabric (in 1 or 2 patterns)
  • obviously tread that matches
  • some sort of clasp (button or velcro)


*Click on pictures to make them bigger if you want a closer look.*

Cut fabric so that you have an 8x11" piece and a 8x16" piece in each pattern or two of each size if just using one pattern.

If you are using 2 patterns decide which fabric you want to be on the outside of diaper holder. Once that is decided attach one side of clasp to the short piece in that pattern 1-1.5" from the top.

Using the long piece of the opposite pattern (if you are using two) attach the other side of clasp 1.5-2" from the top.

Pin together the matching size fabric pieces together pattern side facing each other.

Sew each pinned together piece leaving a small hole to pull fabric through so pattern shows.

Pull fabric trough the small hole and press and iron fabric so it lays flat.

Now that you have two pieces of fabric, sew a 1/8 edge around each of them.

Pin together the small piece and large piece together. Making sure the small pattern with clasp is facing the large piece with the same pattern. (Also, make sure the clasp on the long piece is at the same end as the short piece. They will be uneven.)

Sew the two long sides and the bottom together. Leaving the top/uneven side unsewn.

Once again pull fabric through and voila you have yourself a handmade diaper holder. Iron again if needed.

1 comment:

Nicoleigh said...

Nice job! I've made a couple three diaper deals too. I usually iron some interfacing to each layer, to give it a little extra support. Then I put the clasp on and put a little extra facing on that, since it is used a lot. Don't want it to rip!
Now go make one for your sister.