December 17, 2008

Whatchu talkin bout Willis Wednesday

If you aren't from Iowa, you probably haven't heard.

If you are from Iowa, it's about all you have heard these last 4 days. Iowa State football lost its head coach to Auburn University. That's right, after only weeks before having boasted his love for all things ISU, he caught the first ride out of town. Classy.

I liked Chizik. He came into a place not accustomed to much success and gave it his best shot. I liked a lot of the things he did both on and off the field, and the way he kept his players motivated. I think in a few years under his leadership we might have gotten back to a bowl game or two.

Now we start over again.

It's been a crazy few days around ISU athletics. My favorite part of Pollard's press conference was when he kinda smirked and quipped, "Gotta give Auburn credit for hiring a 5-19 coach."

The scene wasn't much better much better at Auburn where fans seemed to despise the hiring. I half expected a pair of shoes to be thrown at their AD when he made the announcement.

The sad part was not only the manner he left, but all the negativity since then. Fans who joined in the fanfare of his hiring two years ago are now holding torches and forming a lynch mob. His name is being drug through the mud, cursed and all the while being called out on what a "horrible" coach he was.

Gimme a break. Yes, what he did was wrong, but lets face it, ISU isn't a destination place. It's nobody's dream job. It's a place where bad coaches can retain their positions without too much fear of fired, and the occasional good coach will be called up by a bigger, better and more prestigious university.

I believe he is a good coach. I think if he gets half a chance, he will put together some good wins and lead Auburn back to national prominence.

It's just another Merry Christmas for ISU fans.

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