December 7, 2008

A few college football thoughts...

The regular season of college football is now over. Great year for the big 12 and SEC. Other than that, not so much. Here are a few thoughts I had over the course of the year...

-Florida is off to the Championship. I don't care other than I am happy for Dan McCarney who is now an assistant for them. I'm glad he is again part of a winning program.
-Texas losing out to Oklahoma for the Big 12 title game was ridiculous. Texas beat them fair and square on a neutral field and had the same record. End of argument.
-The Big Ten does not deserve two teams in the BCS this year. A very weak conference overall with no title game. While the other conferences are playing that extra game, Ohio State and Penn State got to sit home and not risk another loss on their record. Being rewarded for taking the easy route while watching real teams slug it out is crazy.
-Iowa State was terrible! They put the "12" in Big 12.
-Notre Dame continues to be the most over-rated, over-hyped and under-achieving team in football.
-In 1980, there were 15 bowl games. This year there are 34. My favorite name this year is the Gaylords Hotel Music City bowl. Thats right up there with the Poinsettia Bowl.
-Texas Tech was my favorite team to watch. If they could have survived that brutal schedule, it would have been a fun title game.

I'm sad its almost over. Only 34 games to go.

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tivo vovo said...

i hear you. i loved watching texas tech play as well. too bad they got wiped by oklahoma. they were a fun bunch. i was pulling for them.