September 12, 2012

On The Move

Ever since Kyla has been born she has preferred to be on her tummy. Therefore she has always loved tummy time.

She likes being on her tummy so much that she will immediately roll onto her tummy if you lay her down on her back. It is pretty funny to watch.

All this being said I think that it has strengthened her muscles at a very early age. And as a result of having super strong baby muscles Kyla has started to attempt to crawl.

She has been getting up on all fours now for about three weeks and has recently started the "rocking back and forth" that most babies do right before they really start to crawl.

I am putting this on out blog not to brag but mostly to document Kyla's first crawling attempts. She just happens to be only 5 months old when she decided to accomplish such a task.

Also, in a way it makes me feel like Kyla is not such a baby anymore. I guess in my head the independence gained by a child when they begin to crawl signifies the starting of the end to their babyhood.

So sweet Kyla Grace....slow down a bit and let your mama keep you as a stationary baby a bit longer:)

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