September 5, 2012

Colin's Big News

Colin has some big news......


It only took a few days and he was completely potty trained. He still wears pull-ups at nap and night time but other than that he is diaper free.

So here is a brief summary about how this all came about.

After Colin turned 2 in May I asked Jared when we should give potty training a shot. I asked this question for two reasons.
  1. Because it seemed like a good question since he was turning 2.
  2. Because Makenna was just 25 months when she was fully potty trained.
So we decided that sometime before the end of summer would be a great goal to have.

Now before I continue with the story I would like to mention that both Makenna and Colin were showing signs that they were ready to be potty trained a few months before I even started to potty train them.
  • The signs:  Interested in talking about the potty. Willing/interested in sitting on the potty. Watching me/Jared use the potty. Telling me that they were pooping if I asked them what they were doing even though they had the tell tale red face.
Let me also say that I was extremely blessed to have two kiddos who caught on very quickly and who were ready to be potty trained when I started.

All that being said, I gave it a shot with Colin a few weeks ago. I went in telling myself that boys tend to be more difficult than girls to potty train and that if he was not ready I wouldn't push him. We would just try again in a few months.

Well, this is how it all played out.
  • Day One - Jared and Colin went shopping to get underwear, M&M's, and carpet cleaner.
  • Day Two - Started potty training. Colin was in underwear and nothing else on his bottom half. He had 2 accidents one in the bathtub (I had to tend to Kyla's crying and Colin was sitting on the potty but because I knew he would get up as soon as I left to attend to Kyla, I put him in the bathtub) and the other was outside. He ended up using the potty the rest of the time.
  • Day Three - One accident (at the park). The rest he went on the potty.
  • Day Four - No accidents. 
And it has been that way ever since. He was totally ready and willing. He actually started to tell me when he needed to go by the third day and announcing "Me do it" (meaning don't help me mama). We do still take him frequently but I would definitely say he is POTTY TRAINED.

I am so proud of him and I am really grateful to only have one kiddo in diapers!


jeanne and david said...

You didn't give the John Deere sticker book any credit - lol

Kirstin said...

Great Job Colin...and patience mommy also!! We are going down that road also but not as fast.