August 1, 2012


Makenna and Colin really do love to play together.

No, I'm not just saying that because I'm their mama and have a warped view of my children.

Really they do.

Maybe it is because they are so close to the same age.

Maybe it is because they have opposite personalities. Makenna : mother hen, sensitive to emotions, extrovert, chatterbox. Colin: laid back, go getter, introvert, only talks when necessary.

Maybe it is because humans are social creatures and Makenna and Colin desire to interactively play with another person.

Maybe it is because they are siblings and they love each other.

Maybe it is all of these reasons and more.

But that is not my point. My point is that I love watching/witnessing them play together. It makes my heart just want to praise God, the one who gave these precious gifts to me, every time I hear their sweet voices engaging in play together.

I thought that I would share a glimpse of what I'm so blessed to get to witness everyday. So here are a couple videos of Makenna and Colin enjoying each other.

And just so ya'll don't get a warped view of the Willis household there are times when Makenna and Colin battle each other too. Unfortunately, (well not really...cause it can get ugly) I don't have any videos of these occurrences.

I mean they are human and sin. And I think God gives me the unique opportunity during these times to teach the kiddos how to deal with someone who is currently not making them happy and how to respond in a loving way.

And maybe (actually no maybe needed) God teaches my heart during those times too. To show me my own sin as His daughter and their mother.

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Jessica said...

Makenna singing 'Blessed Assurance' to Colin was adorable. So beautiful, Allison! Thanks for sharing!