August 6, 2012

Olympic Spirit

We have been watching the Summer Olympics with about a million other people the past week.

I'm pretty sure Colin is ok with watching whatever happens to be on but Makenna definitely has her preferences. And those preferences are volleyball and women's gymnastics.

It is fun to have her ask us which color of team we want to win when we are watching the volleyball matches. Jared had Makenna even practicing her serve the other day.

But more than anything Makenna has fallen in love with the "flip girls". (that is what she calls them)

Her favorite is McKayla. I think Makenna picked her out of the bunch because Jared made a comment about how McKayla and Makenna sound similar.

This past week Makenna has dropped the princess bit (for the most part and as a welcome change of pace) and has been pretending to be McKayla most of the day. She only pretends to do the vault (go figure) and the balance beam. Makenna has also convinced Colin to partake in the pretending. She even let him decide which 'female' gymnast he wanted to be. Colin ended up choosing Gabby.

We really have enjoyed watching the kiddos take an interest in something new. As well as something that only takes place every four years. It is hard to imagine that the next time we will be watching the Summer Olympics Makenna will be almost 8 and Colin will be 6. CRAZY!

So because we have been getting such a kick out of Makenna as McKayla we took some videos of her doing the vault. (If you have recently checked our YouTube channel you probably have already seen the videos.)


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