November 29, 2011

What Are You Waiting For

Just like the title of this post says, "What are you waiting for"? What a great question to ask yourself as Christmas approaches.

Tonight we will start our third year of doing a Jesse Tree. Our Jesse Tree is our way of trying to fully embrace the season of Advent. A way to fully grasp the importance of Christ's birth and His becoming fully human, born a baby.

I sit and ponder how at even the young ages of our children they are already beginning to become a part of this world. A world who focuses more on so many other things this time of year and not Jesus.

A time of year that is spent waiting in so many ways. Both good and bad. Waiting in line, waiting to open gifts, waiting to see family, waiting to see what bowl game the Cyclones might play in, waiting for snow, waiting for baked goodies, and just waiting for Christmas in general.

So the question I am trying to ask my self daily during the season of Advent is "What am I waiting for"?

Because really what am I waiting for? I hope it is the coming of my savior Jesus Christ. Both His past coming and future coming.

All that being said my goal is for our family to embrace this season of Advent and wait in hope for Jesus Christ. Waiting to celebrate His birth and waiting in anticipation for His coming again.

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