November 17, 2011

Family Pictures

Bet you thought you would get to see some family pictures by the title of this blog.

But not today. You'll have to wait until tomorrow.

Instead you get to hear about how we took family pictures a couple Saturdays ago and how we will not have to pay a single cent for them. Well, that is until I want to get some printed.

This is how it all went down. Only three things had to happen.
  1. Find a photographer to use our camera. Thank you Megan.
  2. Find poses to recreate. Thank you Pinterest.
  3. The kids had to cooperate. Thank you Halloween candy.

All in all I personally think they turned out really great. But you can judge for yourselves tomorrow.

1 comment:

Farmgirl Chaos said...

That's the best way to do it...for free! For the past few years, I feel like I've become the official Christmas photographer for my family. And then they make me design their Christmas cards as well. :)