July 1, 2011

I Got A Great Deal

Yep, I'm gonna toot my own horn for a minute.

I just received this dress (in a sea green color) in the mail yesterday.

Guess how much I payed including shipping?


Yes, I said that correctly. I only spent $22 on an awesome dress.

You may be wondering how that was possible. Well, here is the story. I saw the dress on Pinterest. Through a little searching I found the company who makes it. Then as I was looking through the clearance section on their website, I came across the dress. I saw the original price and decided not to get the dress, because lets face it I am a stay-at-home mom and I don't wear dresses on a daily basis.

So how did I end up with the dress. Well, I went back to the website to see what other dresses and clothes I could drool over. Then I saw it there in the bottom right hand corner of the homepage calling my name. It was a $20 coupon for new customers.

The rest is history. I registered as a new customer, waited a day to get my coupon code and ordered my dress.

Long story short thank you Pinterest, eShakit, and Janelle Willis (you gave me the $20 for Mother's Day) for my wonderful new dress.

1 comment:

Todd said...

I can never tell if these posts are from Jared or Allison. Either one of you would look gorgeous in sea green ruffle-chested attire.