July 7, 2011

Her First Set of Wheels

Makenna got her first set of wheels for Christmas from her Nana and Papa. When we first broke out her bike this Spring she was very eager to ride it but could not get the whole pedaling and looking where you are going at the same time down.

But over the last month she has really caught on. She is known to be timid sometimes. So I have learned that with Makenna you cannot press her to do something she is not ready or willing to do. (Case in point: No matter how much we try to convince her that fruit and ice cream taste good she has still yet to take a real taste of them) Some days she loves to ride her bike and will ride around our block with no hesitation. But other days she acts like she wants to ride her bike but yet will barely pedal and then usually ends up walking next to her bike and pushing it. Silly girl!

It has been fun to witness her learning to do something that seems so natural to me. I never really thought about how hard it is to learn how to ride a bike.

Needless to say, this Mama is proud of her little girl. Way to go Sweet Makenna Girl!


Kirstin said...

She is growing up so fast...Great Job Makenna!!

Jessica said...

How cute is it that she is saying "Cheese. Cheeeeese!" while riding her bike?! That takes talent!