November 8, 2010

Good Morning

Here is a short video of us waking up Colin. I do want to explain though that we typically don't all come barging into his room to wake him up. We just thought that it would be fun to catch this one time on video. I definitely think that this video captures the environment around the Willis house very well. I love Colin's response to his overly loud and energetic sister.

Disclaimer : Makenna is not wearing pants because we were still working on potty training and she has never before been allowed to climb into the crib.


1 comment:

Sarah Meyer said...

The disclaimer: the best!! too funny!! and holy moly, what a good baby boy you have! i just want to snuggle him. Ps- As a little girl I was quite the camera hog... so apparently Makenna is displaying Sarah personality traits. Have fun with that!