November 18, 2010

A Few Things I Love About "You"

This post is all about Makenna and the things she does on a daily basis that make us love her. She is changing so much everyday that I feel like if I don't write it down I will forget all about it in a year. So because I couldn't think of a better place the blog is where it is being recorded.

Oh, Makenna where do I start.

Well lets start with the fact that you call yourself 'You'. Which makes complete logical sense. I mean really why wouldn't your name be 'You'. That is what I call you most of the time.

You love to dance and play with Colin. You especially like to tickle him and make him laugh. You also love to help take care of him by getting him diapers, wipes, burp rags, and holding his bottle.
You enjoy pretending to be a mama to your Elmo and your doll. I find you most days with them either wrapped in blankets or laying on the floor with diapers all around them. You feed them well too. You have been caught nursing them or feeding them your play food.

Some of my favorite phrases that you say are...
"Here we go"
"How nice"
"I get it"
"I do it"
"All better"
"Ooooooh yeah"
"Up high"

Makenna, you are quite the daddy's girl. I love to watch you wave good-bye to him every morning and greet him with a huge hug every evening when he gets home. Sometimes you are even so excited you find the nearest toy to give to him. (I still have yet to figure out why you do this. But it is always when you are way excited to see him) A couple other things you love to do with your daddy are snuggle with him in the morning (you always go to his side of the bed and climb in) and play what your daddy calls 'Makenna Ball' (this is pretty much any game that you have made up for him to play with you).

You have an obsession with trucks. Any truck that you hear (even if it is 6:00am) you have to go and look out the window to see if it is anywhere in sight. You have made friends with the garbage men because you are always looking out the window and waving when they drive by. Recently one of the drivers will honk at you as he goes by.

The moon....oh the moon. You are also very fond of the moon. You will point it out every time we are in the car whether it is night or day. You also are very concerned when you can't see it at night because of clouds. You will repeat over and over that the moon is hiding behind the clouds.

Other things you will point out while driving in the car. Flags, stars, trucks, our house, church, and airplanes.

You light up a room when you come in. Especially when you smile with your whole face.
You are quite the feeler. You wear your emotions on your sleeve. And those emotions tend to lean more on the extreme side.

Most days you entertain yourself well. I often catch you reorganizing the boxes of brownies and cake mixes I have by lining them all up in a row, reading books to yourself or Colin, pretending to clean, cook or fold laundry. A few other things you enjoy playing with someone else include bubbles, play dough, coloring, reading, chase, and building tall towers out of blocks.Singing has become quite a time for you to perform. Currently you like to stand on your stool to sing your songs and before each song you will say "ready". Some of your favorites to sing are "My God is so Big", "Itsy Bitsy Spider", "Zacchaeus ", "Jesus Loves Me", "The B.I.B.L.E", "I'm a Little Tea Pot", and "Amazing Grace".

Sweet Makenna Girl, I love all things about you and you make life so much more interesting. I cannot thank God enough for giving you to me.

You's Mama


Anonymous said...

Such a sweet ode to Makenna. I know I often blog more to keep record than anything else... a scrapbook for a reluctant scrapbooker :-)

It's funny that she calls herself "you," but it makes sense. Liam still mostly talks in the third person and only rarely uses personal pronouns. That along with the little phrases that come out of his mouth really clues me in to what I regularly say around him...

jeanne and david said...

what a blessing Miss Makenna has been to us all... love her to pieces and then love her some more - all done - Nana

Sarah M said...

Awwww, I love this! And I love 'You'. And you too, of course! Missing you guys