October 30, 2010

Texas 2010 - The Last Day and Trip Home

Our last day in Texas consisted of taking it easy and just enjoying the company of Jacob, Jason, and Erin one last day.

Monday morning came and we all stared the day very early at 5:30am. Our flight out of Austin left at 8:20 and landed in Branson at 10:00. Our flight out of Branson to Des Moines left at 2:00. Yep that is right we had a layover that lasted about 4 hours. Surprisingly, the kids did great on both plane rides and in the airport.

Now I don't know if any of you out there reading our blog have ever been in the Branson airport but it is not very big at all. This is a picture of the whole airport.So you might wonder what you do to occupy an almost two year old for 4 hours in a small airport. Well, you feed them, read to them, let them run around, and you do a lot of this

Colin also made good use of the floor in the only restaurant at the airport.

All-in-all we had a great stay in Austin. Thanks Ferrera's for allowing us to invade your home for almost 10 days.

I will end my posts about our trip with a couple pictures of downtown Austin.

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jeanne and david said...

thanks for the memories - loved being with all of you...