October 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Makenna - Part Two

Yesterday we had Makenna's birthday party. (almost one week after her actual birthday) I decided to have a ladybug theme. Which is funny because when I thought of the idea I though it would be cute so I went ahead and started planning. Only later did I think to ask Makenna if a ladybug party sounded good to her and her reply was "No, cow party!" Well, Makenna maybe next year I will ask you before I start the planning and then you can have the party you want:) I'm pretty sure she liked her party regardless of a theme or not.

Some highlights from the party were pizza, cake, oreos, presents, family, and Makenna being the center of attention.

Here are the pictures from Makenna's 2nd Birthday Party.

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jeanne and david said...

A fun time was had by all - thanks for all the work you put into making the day special for our little ladybug - Miss Makenna...