February 28, 2010

Skiing in Colorado

Last week I had a great opportunity. I was invited by Mannatt's (a very large local asphalt and concrete company) to fly to Colorado and go skiing.

They own a condo at the base of Copper Mountain and the company makes several trips in the winter with employees and other contractors. We flew on their private jet, which definitely makes flying commercial seem like a real pain. We drove right up to the plane, got on and flew to Colorado.

When we arrived, Mannatt's suburban pulled right up to the plane and we left for the mountain. Pretty slick.

This is the 7 passenger jet we flew in.

A bumper sticker on Mannatt's vehicle. I chuckled, but don't be offended if you don't.

The view from our condo.

One day we went to the top of the mountain..... Great view, hard skiing. It took awhile. Lots of rocks and very steep. No trails and since it wasn't skied often, the snow was very soft....very hard to get up if you fell. We started at the peak of this mountain..

Here is a shot partway down. This isn't me, but I felt his frustration.

One day it snowed pretty hard. My face got quite cold from the snow. This is what I looked like by the time I got to the bottom. This isn't from falling, just from the snow hitting me in the face.

I went snowboarding part of one day. It's tough, but I did better than the last time I tried.

After a day of snowboarding, I began to think this little guy had the right idea.

I went down the half-pipe twice. I did pretty good as I made it to the top a couple of times. (this isn't me)

I loved the sweet looking buildings lining the resort.

One of the best parts was the great view everywhere you look. I wish pictures could really capture it, but this is as close as I could come.

It was a really great trip. Mannatt's paid for pretty much everything, so that made it even better. What a great trip.

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awesome pics!