February 7, 2010

Makenna Update

I have been bad at updating the blog. And because I like to refer to our blog to see all Makenna's accomplishments here are some updates about Makenna.

13 Months:
  • She can sign - puppy, thank you, and drink.
  • She takes two 1.5-2 hour naps everyday. And bedtime is 7:30.
  • She got her first molar.
  • She eats pretty much everything we giver her to eat. And she drinks whole milk all the time - no more formula.

14 Months:
  • Still takes 2 naps most days. The morning nap is 1-1.5 hours and the afternoon nap is 2 hours. And bedtime is still 7:30.
  • She has added potty, kitty, love you, Jesus, horse, and bird to her signing capabilities.
  • She says Dada all the time.
  • When asked what a cow says she will say "moo"
  • Loves to play with her baby. She will now pretend to feed her baby a bottle.
  • She continues to entertain us with her new dance moves.

15 Months:
  • She can now say - Mama, Nana, Papa, all done and baby. She will also say "woof woof" when we ask her what a dog says.
  • She can point to her toes and will stick out her belly when ask where those body parts are.
  • She only takes one 2.5 hour nap in the afternoon. Bedtime is still 7:30.
  • She can recognize family members in pictures. Especially daddy.
  • Her favorite toys are her farm and her baby.
  • She now has 12 teeth.
  • She loves to be a helper. She will "help" dust, throw her dirty clothes down the shoot, put her dirty diapers in the trash, and pretty much anything else we will let her help us do.

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Sarah said...

WOW!! Even though I saw you this weekend, I still feel like I'm missing so much! Love the updates :)