November 1, 2009


Makenna got to dress up as the great pumpkin for Halloween this year. Not that she knew what was going on, but she was cute anyway. The hat didn't make it too long, and we were amazed we even got any pictures with it on due to her extreme objection to it inside the house.

I saw the Ames Library had trick or treating all day so we went. Basically a couple buckets of candy around with no one manning them. Lame. But she enjoyed running up and down all the isles, stopping only to pull a random book off the shelf. People were always pleasantly surprised to look up from their books to see a giggling pumpkin whiz by them.

We also took her to the play place in the mall and let her run from one end of the mall to the other. Yes, the Ames mall is that small. She was the hit of the place. Lots of "Oh how cute!"

We went to church that night so we missed out on most of the trick or treaters, but Makenna and I stopped by a few neighbors houses when when we got home. Again, the baby in a pumpkin outfit killed.

We finished the night off with Makenna going to bed and Allison feeling ill from eating too much candy. Happy Halloween indeed.


Ted n' Tiff said...

She is the cutest pumpkin ever!!!

Sarah Meyer said...

That hat just might be the cutest hat I have ever seen in my entire life... and that is not an exaggeration.