October 30, 2009

One Year Stats : Finally

We finally had Makenna's one year appointment today. Here are her stats:
  • Weight - 18 pounds 13 ounces
  • Height - 29 inches
So I was looking back on our blog and I have definitely been slacking on updating on Makenna so here are some updates about her over the last few months.

10 Months
  • Eats all table food
  • Drinks from a cup with meals and snack
  • Loves pulling things out of drawers and baskets, also loves pulling things off shelves
  • Walking well
  • Likes playing with blocks...aka knocking over towers
  • Climbs up the stairs
11 Months
  • Gives high fives
  • Likes turning pages of her books but only will sit still while you read to her when she is tired
  • Signs "milk" and "all done"
  • Loves to play Peek-a-Boo
  • When asked "Where is Makenna's baby?" , she will go find her doll
12 Months
  • Loves to dance
  • Loves to bring books to you to read to her - favorites are touch and feel or flap books
  • Can stack one block on another
  • Puts toys into containers - doesn't just empty stuff anymore
  • Signs "please"
  • Will rock her doll in her arms and put her in her rocking chair and rock her
  • Climbs on anything and everything
  • Great at problem solving...aka moves somethings she has the ability to climb on next to something she doesn't so that she is able to climb on the reachable thing
  • Whenever someone is eating she come running... guess we must not feed her enough

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