November 17, 2009

10 Honest Things About Me

So Jared's cousin's wife, Dorothy, nominated me to complete a list of 10 honest things about me. Be prepared to be thoroughly entertained.....or not.

  1. When I was in High School I wanted to be an architect.
  2. The only pet that I have ever had was a guppy named Teddy Roosevelt Jr. Which was a science project of my dad's.
  3. I would really love to live on an acreage. Preferably one with a pond or creek and a large area for a veggie garden and small orchard.
  4. I like to dip fritos and pizza crust in applesauce. Nope this is not a pregnancy craving. This is an all the time thing.
  5. My favorite season is summer. Bring on the heat and the sun. I love 'em both.
  6. I would like to spend my "golden years" living in the deep south. Where I will hopefully pick up an authentic southern accent.
  7. There are many days that I wear sweatpants and t-shirts all day. A benefit of being a stay-at-home mom. Some days I feel like I'm in college again though.
  8. I have never learned how to drive a stick shift.
  9. I am not a big fan of going out to eat. I prefer a home cooked meal any day.
  10. I have watched and participated in the dissection of a human cadaver.

Well there you have it. 10 honest things about me.

1 comment:

Gabriel and Dorothy said...

Fun. So many things I never knew about you.

But, fritos and pizza dipped in applesauce? That's just gross. :-)