July 18, 2012

Rachel's Baby Shower

A while back I got the privilege to help host a baby shower for my good friend Rachel.

Let me just say that almost exactly a year ago I helped host a bridal shower for her. (Needless to say Rach has had some wonderful major life changes in a rather short time.)

All that being said I love to plan a party. I love finding ideas on the internet from what other people have done. Pinterest has been great for inspiration.

Now back to Rach's shower. We decided to go with a 'Sweet Baby Girl' theme done all in pink. Let me just say this was very fun and easy to plan. We decided to do all sweet food in a miniature/baby size. As well as making it all pink.

The decorations were very easy too because pink is an easy color to find a wide selection of products in. We decided to do a baby clothes line, pom poms, diaper cake, and flowers (made from socks and burp rags. Thanks Jamie for the idea.)

 Rach and her mom


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Anonymous said...

I love it and I LOVED the party!!! What a fun blessing!!! PS - maybe I could get you a cd so I can grab some of those photos for my scrapbook?! LOVE YOU! - Rach