February 25, 2012

At the Home Builders Show

The show itself is quite impressive. Picture the Varied Industries building at the Iowa State Fair, but times 20. We spent all day there and didn't see it all. There were quite a few neat booths to stop at, games to play, and information to collect. I got some neat ideas, but few readers would be interested. You would be more interested in the following people:

Everyones hero: Norm Abram (left) of The New Yankee Workshop and This Old House fame

Richard Trethewey (right) of This Old House and Ask This Old House

A couple designers from Extreme Home Makeover.
I also saw Mike Holmes, people from TLC shows and other various improvement shows.

I almost won a nail driving competition (the closest all day I was told), won free prizes and got lots of free samples and information. Allison even got in the spirit and grabbed as many free cloth bags she could find for future grocery shopping.

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