August 13, 2011

My big fat greek construction project

I don't write a lot about work on the blog anymore. Actually, I don't write much at all, but I'm going to try and fix that.

The biggest project I am currently working on is just south of the ISU campus, down in the Greek community area. Yes, sorority and frat land. Just east of my project is some Kappa Alpha something sorority. I know that much because I hear their "cheers" multiple times a day.

The summer was quiet, but as the students have started coming back for fall semester, so have the over zealous cheerleader wannabees. They come out several times a day. Randomly someone starts a cheer where kicking, clapping, spirit fingers and yelling are all acceptable. As I understand it, they are loudly proclaiming the prominence of their mighty sorority because people passing by may just think of their building as just another (gasp) apartment building.

This cheering comes and goes. It happens while they are inside and outside. They all will file outside, do some goofy chants and then go back in. They also will all come out and begin walking around, sometimes actually leaving, sometimes just burning calories. It's like when girls always have to go to the bathroom in groups - on steroids.

I also came across different sorority being weird. I have no explanation for this other than they knew I was driving towards them and they wanted to impress me. About 40 girls all dressed in very nice white dresses spilled out their front door, ran to the middle of the street, formed a circle, put their arms around their neighbor and kicked and chanted and waved their arms.

It's definitely made for interesting entertainment thus far on the project. It's so odd to me. If it wasn't so odd, I could really care less. However, I do know the Hispanic concrete guys have really been enjoying it.


Jessica said...

Jared, I think I can give you some insight into the strange sorority behavior. It is recruitment week, formerly known as RUSH week, when they recruit (brainwash?) new members into their mystifying rituals and communal lifestyle. Keep your hard hat on, it will keep them from brainwashing you, too. :)

Hollie said...

Welcome to our world starting the beginning of August! We have heard those sounds coming from multiple houses around us and Gabe often comments "That sounds stupid" While we don't often allow him to call things stupid we kind of let that one slide:) Have fun this week it only intensifies!