August 8, 2011

Just Like Big Sister

I would say that Makenna and Colin get along rather well for siblings. Most of the time they play together without any major fights.

That being said Colin also likes to do pretty much everything that Makenna is doing. Which has recently included wearing a tutu. At first I tired to encourage him to dance without the tutu but he was set in his ways and began to throw a fit. So because I love my son and what him to be able to explore dancing the way he finds most fun, I let him wear the tutu.

Let it also be known that when dance party was over he refused to take the tutu off and wore it the rest of the morning. I was finally able to get him to part from it when in was lunch time.

And because I love Colin so much and want him to remember that he loved his big sister so much that he wanted to be just like her, I took a ton of pictures as proof to show him when he gets to be a teenager.

Guess what? Lucky you, you get to see them.



Farmgirl Chaos said...

Oh boy. This reminds me of my 2 oldest nephews. My niece, the oldest of them all, loved dressing her brothers in dresses, tutus, pink, heels, etc. When they don't know better, it doesn't bother them one bit. But like you said...when he's a teenager, he'll wonder what happened. :)

Anonymous said...

At least in the one picture he is holding a hammer. That makes me feel a little better.