June 9, 2011

Mystery Solved

Back on the week of Easter I found a surprise on our front step.

What I found was two plastic grocery bags with a "Happy Easter" message written on them. Inside each I found an Easter basket for each of the kiddos. Each kiddo got a sand bucket and shovel, bubbles, a sucker, and a stuffed animal. Also, the one for Makenna had sidewalk chalk in it and the one for Colin had a plastic sail boat.

So I immediately started to think about who could have left us such a nice surprise. Well my brain automatically thought of the kiddos grandmas. But that was quickly confirmed as a big negative.
Then with the help of Jared we eliminated some other family and some close friends.

After calling everyone we thought would leave the Easter baskets for the kiddos, we kinda gave up trying to figure out who left them and thought that whoever left them must not want to be known. Which bummed me out a bit because I just wanted to thank the person.

Well, that brings me to this morning.

Every Thursday morning is garbage pick-up day for Waste Management on our street. The kiddos get really excited because they have made friends with the driver. He always does all the typical garbage truck tricks for the kids right in front of the house. All winter we would wave from inside and the driver would honk and now that the weather is nice we go outside and sit in the driveway to watch and wave.

Makenna and Colin love it and really look forward to him coming.

But this is not the story from this morning, it is just the back-story. Which helps explain this morning.

Hopefully I have not lost you and if I have you probably are not reading this sentence right now anyway. But back to this morning.

I heard the garbage truck so I grabbed the kiddos and high-tailed it outside. We did the typical pull up a seat in the driveway and watch the amazing garbage truck.

Well this time the driver pulled the biggest surprise yet, he got out of the truck and asked us if we got the gifts that the Easter Bunny left us. My response in a shocked voice was , "was that you?". His reply with a huge smile was, "no it was the Easter Bunny". And he started to get into the his truck as I holler back, "Thank You, that was very kind!"

Mystery Solved!

The kicker is we don't even use waste management to pick up out trash. We just use them for entertainment purposes and make friends with their employees.


jeanne and david said...

cheap entertainment has its rewards :-) who would have guessed...

Melissa said...

Thanks again for watching the kids tonight! They had so much fun!! We got caught in a hail storm on the way home and had to pull into a farm house and waited it out under one of their big trees. I hope we didn't keep Makenna up too late.

rob said...

Hi Allison,

I’m Robert with Corporate Communications at Waste Management. This is a wonderful story! It’s always great to hear about how much kids love our trucks. Do you have any photos of your kids with their favorite WM driver that we could share with our Facebook community at https://www.facebook.com/WasteManagement? Feel free to contact me at RKidwell@wm.com if you’re interested in sharing some photos or if you have any questions.