June 1, 2011


We went camping at Backbone State Park over Memorial Day weekend.....kid free.

We enjoyed ourselves despite the not the best for camping weather. But as Jared put it, "I would rather sleep in a sleeping bag wearing a sweatshirt to stay warm instead of trying to get comfortable in when you are all sticky from the humidity."

Camping for me is all about the food and I would say that this trip takes the cake in that respect. With a combined effort from our friend Megan's super menu planning to Jared's ingenious ideas on how to cook the food most efficiently, we definitely ate in style all weekend.

We also managed to get me to stop eating long enough to go on two hikes. One that was a decent workout but not so fun for sight seeing and one that had some pretty neat views. I even crawled though a hole carved out or a rock on the second hike. (see picture)

All in all the weekend was a fun one and I am looking forward to our next opportunity to go camping. Anyone want to volunteer to watch our kiddos?

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