January 26, 2011

A Note To Jared


Today, since it is your birthday I wanted to write you a little note to let you know how much you are appreciated by your wife.

Although, you are bummed that you are getting older I hope you realize that today will be a day that I will always try extra hard to make special for you because if you hadn't been born 32 years ago my life would look completely different.

I am so glad God created you to be the man you are. But I am even more excited to watch as He continues to mold you into the man that He wants you to become. I see so many ways you enrich the lives of the people closest to you. And I am so very thankful that God has blessed me with such a wonderful husband.

I appreciate you in so many ways. I cherish how well you complement me and balance out my somewhat dramatic personality. You make me laugh more than I thought possible. You make me feel loved unconditionally. You encourage me even when I mess up big time. You challenge me to be a better wife and mother because of your actions. Only God could create this combination of a man to be my husband and I am extremely thankful that He made you to be that man.

I love you for the father you are to Makenna and Colin. They are truly blessed to have a daddy who wants to be so involved in their lives. From the crazy games Makenna makes up for you to play with her to the special shoulder rides only you give Colin I know both kids feel loved by you. Nothing makes me love you more as their daddy than to watch them laugh with you. (You know the laughs I'm talkin about....those big deep belly laughs)

I know I should tell you all these things more often, but then what would I tell you on your birthday to make it special. Hope you have a wonderful 32nd birthday.

Happy Birthday!

Love Ya,

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Todd said...

Another Note to Jared:

Hey Willis. I recall, many years back, sitting in an airport in some foreign country ... having a conversation about marriage, especially as it pertained to the possibility of marrying a young filly named Allison.

I believe my suggestion was to marry the girl. She's great ... you're average ... and there's no chance you'd ever do better. Ever.

My recommendation still stands.

Happy birthday.