January 24, 2011

Around The House

I have been trying to tie up some loose ends around the house. Such as unpacking the office the has been packed up in boxes and been in storage since August when our basement got flooded. This is a bit pathetic but it is something that I have not placed as a priority because I really could care less how organized our office is.

Also on my list has been making or buying curtains for all the rooms in our house. Oh don't worry they all had curtains when we moved in but most of them needed to go. I am now down to two rooms that have not gotten updated curtains. The office being one of them. Can you tell which room I spend the least amount of time in. Six out of eight rooms isn't bad. I mean we have almost lived in the house for two years now. But keep in mind my husband has told me all along and would still stick by the fact that all of the old curtains served their purpose quite well even if they didn't look that great.

Another loose end is putting before and after pictures on the blog of all the updates we have made on the house. I am really excited to share all of our hard work and progress with our blog readers. And maybe sometime in the future you will get to see the pictures instead of just reading about how I want to put them on the blog.

And last but not least is to catch up on the kiddos baby books. Well, start Colin's is more accurate. It should only take me until they are 18 to decide what pictures to put in their books:)

Well, now that you know how I should be spending my time I think I will go eat a piece of cake and read for a while.

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